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Financial Services
Oklahoma Christian University
Monday, January 27, 2014

Foreclosure.com Scholarship Program

Foreclosure.com is offering five scholarships worth $9000, with the top prize being $5000.

Eligibility:  Currently enrolled college students (high school seniors are NOT eligible) are invited to apply by submitting an essay. Freshman entering Fall 2014 are eligible once they have received student identification numbers.

Essay Topic:  The foreclosure crisis that swept the nation several years ago claimed countless well-to-do homeowners, who were forced out of their houses when the economy hit rock-bottom. Those victims, along with the economy, are now beginning to slowly recover. And with collective home prices — and interest rates — still at very attractive levels, these ‘foreclosure victims’ have transitioned into potential ‘boomerang buyers.’ How can these buyers with checkered pasts best take advantage of the current desirable real estate market conditions? There are a several actions these ‘boomerang buyers’ can take to get back into home ownership. Please describe in your own words how the ‘rent-to-own’ option, among others, might best benefit these folks until they are ready to go ‘all in’ on another mortgage.

Deadline: Dec. 15, 2014

Requirements: Minimum 800 words, Maximum 2,000  

Visit www.foreclosure.com/scholarship for more information and to apply.

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