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Financial Services
Oklahoma Christian University
Friday, September 12, 2014

$1500 EApplicants.com Scholarship Program

Rules: 800 to 1,000 word essay: Elaborate on the difficulties of paying your way through education. Delve into how you personally manage financial limitations and describe what the work-school balance has taught you about personal character and financial responsibility.

Eligibility: The EApplicants Scholarship Program is open to any student who:

Is a full-time or part-time student attending an accredited U.S. educational institution (including, but not limited to, college, university or trade school, or similarly accredited program) with a current cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at that institution
- Has worked an average of at least fifteen (15) hours for each of the previous month prior to applying
- Is at least eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of applying
- Is a legal resident of the United States of America

Deadline: May 1, 2015. Awards will be issued by May 15, 2015.

Visit www.eapplicants.com/eapplicants-scholarship-program for more information.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

$1000 EmergencyLights.net Scholarship

TOPIC: How Would You Solve the U.S. Skilled Labor Crisis?

“Many are now claiming that the lack of skilled labor in the U.S. is reaching crisis level. Research this problem, and submit a video and essay suggesting solutions.”


STEP 1: Create a video entry about our topic, and write a 500 word essay explaining your arguments.
STEP 2: Submit both through their website and link to their video entry to their Facebook or Twitter page
STEP 3: Get Attention! Gather [LIKES] [VIEWS] [SHARES]


Visit www.emergencylights.net/emergencylights-net-scholarship/ for more information.

$1000 Boling Rice, LLC Scholarship

The attorneys at the Atlanta law firm of Boling Rice, LLC value helping people who show promise and initiative, and for this purpose are pleased to be offering a $1,000 yearly scholarship to help students meet their financial needs.

Essay Topic

The application process entails writing and submitting a 500+ word essay on the following topic:

Distracted driving has become an increasing problem in the United States, and the growing popularity and availability of smartphones is often cited as a significant factor in this increase. While many states have imposed limitations on the way that drivers may use personal electronic devices, the effectiveness of these laws is not yet clear. What changes or new measures could be adopted in order to reduce the risk that cellphone use poses to other motorists, pedestrians, or bicyclists?

Essays should be received by January 15, 2015

Visit www.bolingriceatlanta.com/scholarship/ for more information.

Friday, September 05, 2014

$1500 Mhelpdesk Scholarship


Create a 60-second video commercial for Mhelpdesk. Your commercial should be directed at businesses who could use their software, and should be entertaining, funny or otherwise interesting.



Mhelpdesk staff will judge your entry, and will select the winning video submission, based on application of the following judging criteria:

• Compliance with requirements of original content, time limitation (60 seconds) and format;
• Marketing appeal (favorable and “catchy” depiction of Mhelpdesk)
• Targeting Effectiveness (likely appeal to potential Mhelpdesk customers)
• Creativity and originality of content
• Entertainment value (use of humor and/or other appealing elements)
• Effective use of the time allotment (entrants are encouraged to fill the entire allotted time)

Visit mhelpdesk.com/scholarship/ for scholarship details.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

$2500 Buildium’s Build U. Scholarship

Buildium’s Build U. Scholarship awards one $2,500 prize each semester to the Product Design, Interaction Design, UX Design, Engineering, or Computer Science student who best explains how having a shared set of beliefs is important for building a great company.

Scholarship details:

- Two $2,500 cash scholarships will be awarded.
- One scholarship will be awarded in the fall, another in the spring.
- Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of members of the Buildium Marketing team, with input from other teams. The decision of the committee will be based on originality and quality of writing.
- Submission deadlines: October 1, 2014 (fall) and April 1, 2015 (spring).
- Winners will be notified via email by October 31, 2014 (fall) and April 30, 2015 (spring).

The scholarship details are listed on our website at Buildium’s Build U. Scholarship.

Monday, September 01, 2014

$500 12 Keys Rehab.com Scholarship

How to Apply

Write an essay with 500 words or less on one of the following subjects:

1. How staying away from alcohol and drugs has had a positive effect on your life
2. How to avoid peer pressure to drink/use drugs
3. Your personal story of resilience and recovery from a drug or alcohol problem
4. Why living a sober life is important to you
5. Creative alternatives to having alcohol/drugs at parties
6. How abstaining from alcohol/drugs relates to your field of study (get creative!)


Two scholarships will be awarded each year. One will be awarded in the Spring and the other in the Fall. These are one-time use scholarships and are not recurring.

SPRING SEMESTER: Deadline to submit - April 1 | Winners announced - May 1

FALL SEMESTER: Deadline to submit - October 1 | Winners announced - November

Visit www.12keysrehab.com/about/scholarship.html for more information and to apply.

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