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Financial Services
Oklahoma Christian University
Monday, March 12, 2012

Did you know there are options to repay your student loans?

“College students are graduating into mountains of debt - and without the income to start dealing with the debt,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports. “But here’s a graduation present for every college student: a new website created by the college debt experts at Simple Tuition. It’s called PayBackSmarter.com, and it is the one site where you can gather all your student loans, figure out the required repayments and, most importantly, where you can compare the monthly payment changes and total cost changes of all the repayment plans available to you, including Income Based Repayment. Most people don’t know that they have options to lower the payment burden simply by selecting a different plan.”

Saving for College: Tips on 529 Plans, Scholarships

“The basics: A 529 plan lets you sock away cash tax-deferred until your child goes to college,” USA Today reports. “While your state may offer tax breaks for investing in its plan, you can invest in any 529 plan in the country and use the proceeds for costs at qualified colleges in any state. Most states have two options. The first is a prepaid 529 plan, which lets you buy tuition at today’s prices. You can apply your savings to out-of-state or private schools. The second is a savings plan.”

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