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First, you can reach us by commenting on this post or clicking the "Contact Us" link above. We'll get back to you, because we both obsessively check our e-mail and we're almost always in one Wi-Fi bubble or another.

About us as a family: We are an international, transcultural, interracial family, built by God's grace and international adoption. You can read all that stuff down the left side of any page on this site. Just look for "Adoption." You can see pics of Elijah, our son, on our Smugmug picture site. (If you like Smugmug, and decide to join, please let us refer you - you'll save $ and we'll get some.)

We are unashamed Christians - our heritage is in the Churches of Christ, of the American Restoration (Stone-Campbell) Movement.

Dan is part-time graduate student in technical communication at Texas Tech University and a full-time web designer/editor/web analyst/many other things at a la mode, inc, an Oklahoma City real estate software company.

Angi is a part-time outside salesperson for a major textbook publishing company, a full-time mom, and teacher of singing lessons, and owner-operator of a summer singing camp. She's a busy lady.

Elijah is four years old and a part-time student at Memorial Road Church of Christ Sunshine School. He is also a full-time train enthusiast and all-around good kid.

Fabio is a full-time dog, and Columbo is a full-time cat.

Exclusive of the pets, who are in denial, we are heavily involved in the Celebrate Recovery ministry at our church.

We have both lived in Japan - at separate times. God used Japan to bring us together, and we both love and miss Japan a lot. Angi loves sushi. Sushi makes Dan say "Yada!" Dan's favorite Japanese dish is katsudon.

Here are a hundredish things about each of us:
These are in no particular order:
  1. I like chocolate - a lot.
  2. And chocolate ice cream..
  3. So much that I rarely eat any kind of ice cream that isn't chocolate inspired.
  4. I'm a Christian.
  5. What the liberals would call a "fundy."
  6. But I'm not. I'm a member of The Church of Christ - or - the church of Christ.
  7. Don't even get me started on the reasons for the weird capitalizations.
  8. My political views don't fit nicely into any one box.
  9. I don't think liberal solutions to social problems work - at all.
  10. I think many conservatives are soulless jerks who have not a whit of compassion.
  11. But I think conservative solutions do work - and I'm pragmatic.
  12. I'm fat.
  13. The only diet that has ever worked for me long term is low-carb. I have to go back on one of those diets very soon.
  14. I have a son, Elijah, who was born on May 28, 2003, in Seoul to his Korean birth mother.
  15. Angi and I traveled to Korea in October of last year and picked him up on October 16th.
  16. October 16th is my brother Conrad's birthday. He's 20.
  17. My sister's birthday is February 3. She's 27.
  18. January 29th is by birthday. I'm 33.
  19. I work here, doing all manner of interesting stuff.
  20. I think substance is more important than style.
  21. But I tend to confuse glibness with intelligence.
  22. I'm glib.
  23. Sometimes I use words that my friends don't know, but I don't do it on purpose. Or do I?
  24. I think I'm smarter than most people.
  25. But I'm ashamed that I think that.
  26. I can't keep quiet in a meeting.
  27. I have lots of good ideas in meetings.
  28. I wonder if my co-workers would agree... Hmm..
  29. I used to listen to Celine Dion - quite a lot.
  30. I bought the Hanson album when I lived in Japan, and I really liked it.
  31. Because it really was quite good.
  32. I didn't know how terribly uncool that made me. I was in Japan!
  33. My musical tastes are questionable.
  34. I taught English in Japan from August of 1996 to July of 1998.
  35. I love Japan, and I miss it terribly.
  36. I used to be able to speak Japanese passably. And French.
  37. I like making little old Japanese ladies laugh, and I will do any ridiculous thing to that end.
  38. My Japanese sounds more like a Jr. High Japanese Girl's than an adult man's.
  39. After more than a year in a Japan, I was told that I was bowing way too low to most people.
  40. This is just one of many, many, many things I got wrong, habitually.
  41. I do speak Spanish passably.
  42. The only great American cities I've visted are Dallas, Houston, O'Hare in Chicago, and an L.A. hotel for an overnight layover.
  43. By contrast, I've visited London, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Tokyo, Seoul, and Bangkok.
  44. And Zagreb. ;-)
  45. And the airports in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
  46. I love to travel, and I consider myself cosmopolitan.
  47. I hate traveling with anyone but my wife and child.
  48. Almost all of my travel has been missions related.
  49. For an American, I'm very good at geography. For a non-American - probably not so much.
  50. I was voted "Most Naive" in high school.
  51. I wasn't.
  52. I love my wife - a lot.
  53. I consider myself a pretty good cook.
  54. But not as good as others consider me - I get too much credit because I'm a man.
  55. I can do a spot-on imitation of the ridiculously high-pitched female Japanese bus announcer voice.
  56. I used to prefer Letterman to Leno. Now I generally prefer sleeping or reading.
  57. I was a great fan of the Atlantic Monthly.
  58. I let my subscription lapse when they became yet another anti-Bush rag.
  59. I tend to gravitate toward the middle on many issues - and both sides assume I'm with them.
  60. I'm a contrarian.
  61. I'm a member of this congregation.
  62. I detest the ACLU and other groups that want to persecute Christians.
  63. I also detest Christians' tendency to get so defensive. I think we're fighting the wrong battle.
  64. I hate forwards, all of them.
  65. But I don't have the heart to tell people to stop sending them to me.
  66. I have to constantly suppress my natural tendency to group people into two groups: "Idiots" and "Not Idiots." This is just wrong.
  67. I'm frustrated that I don't write more.
  68. I used to listen to NPR in high school. I can still hum the theme song to "All Things Considered" by BJ Liederman.
  69. I never listen to NPR now.
  70. I hated all popular music until I went to college.
  71. I was pretty stuck up in high school.
  72. I've only been to, maybe, two concerts in my life. I don't really like loud things, or crowds.
  73. My three best friends in high school were JP Green, Fabian Lee, and Ryan Preston. I haven't talked to Fabian in a long, long time.
  74. I had no idea what to wear until I got married. My wardrobe was disastrous.
  75. I fell in love with Angi before she noticed I was alive.
  76. I made her fall in love with me online. (But we didn't meet online - not that there's anything wrong with that)
  77. It was an online courtship.
  78. I taught High School Spanish for one year.
  79. I liked it a lot, but it paid very, very poorly.
  80. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.
  81. I taught myself how to do drywall (poorly) to cover up the horrendous fake rock facade on our fireplace. I had to texture it. Absolutely had to.
  82. My wife thinks I'm partially color blind. We have a running disagreement about gray and green.
  83. She's wrong.
  84. I have recently been introduced to toddler TV. It is the weirdest stuff in the universe - especially Boohbah.
  85. I gave up on telling people about the Tapas Bar that Angi and I visited in London because everyone always said "TOPLESS BAR?"
  86. I really love France.
  87. I wish I were more interesting. I wish I knew more, and read more
  88. I wish I could keep my Japanese up - but there's no time.
  89. I don't know how people with kids ever get anything done.
  90. Sometimes I'm astounded at how blessed I really am.
  91. I can't bear the thought of not having a cell phone, but to say I "need" one seems like a stretch.
  92. I'm not a picky eater.
  93. I am a picky punctuator. Misplaced apostrophes make me very, very angry.
  94. Anger doesn't produce the righteousness of God.
  95. It took me years to learn to spell "receive."
  96. Learning other languages helped my spelling a lot.
  97. My tenth grade English teacher thought I was a bad speller. Her name is Mrs. Jette.
  98. I wrote a postscript for To Kill a Mockingbird that she loved.
  1. I'm a fan of "Murder, She Wrote." I watch it any time I can and have seen almost every episode.
  2. I used to be able to say the books of the Bible in backwards order (starting with Revelation).
  3. In January of 1998 I prayed that I would get married that year - and I didn't even have a boyfriend.
  4. Dan and I were married on December 12th, 1998.
  5. My pinky toes are kind of curled up on the next toes. They don't touch the ground.
  6. I hate to wear sandals.
  7. I've never seen my Dad when he wasn't wearing a shirt.
  8. Through my life, people tell me that they didn't like me when they first met me but now they really do. That makes me wonder about the people I'm meeting now.
  9. When I was two, I somehow escaped from my house and ran down the street. I was naked.
  10. I thought I'd be famous by now.
  11. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a famous singer or actress.
  12. When I was in college, I wanted to be a famous writer.
  13. Now I want to be a stay-at-home mom.
  14. I have a lot of brilliant ideas but it seems like a lot of trouble to do anything about them.
  15. I am ever convinced that I'm just one Hair Magazine away from my perfect haircut.
  16. When I'm on a low-carb diet, I can tear up just thinking about the Doctor Peppers I'm missing out on.
  17. I don't like the way I look in my wedding photos.
  18. I'm a little bit hard of hearing. I try to cover it by just not responding rather than asking someone to repeat what she said.
  19. The first time since I was 9 that I wore a bathing suit in front of boys was in college.
  20. The first time since childhood that I wore shorts was in college. They were to my knees.
  21. I rarely wear a slip.
  22. I used to think I'd be a very bad mother; now I think I'm pretty good at it.
  23. I'm a bad speller.
  24. I'm very good at guessing the end of movies.
  25. The only kind of old movie I refuse to watch is a Western.
  26. I only watch old movies when my husband isn't home because he hates them. This is his only flaw.
  27. I used to think it was very important to wear the right brands.
  28. Now, I just make sure my clothes are mostly clean.
  29. I hate awkward pauses.
  30. I like to write, but I don't really enjoy reading.
  31. I'm a singer, but I don't listen to music very often.
  32. I take a bath every day, rather than a shower.
  33. I really enjoy teaching kindergarten Bible Class because somehow I forgot a lot of the stories. It's fun learning them again!
  34. I get a big thrill when my friends' kids pay unsolicited attention to me.
  35. I like to watch my husband interacting with kids. He's got a gift!
  36. My mom had two pretty late miscarriages before I was conceived. "Helpful" ladies in the church told her to just give up and appreciate the children she already had.
  37. If left unsupervised, I will eat cereal for every meal.
  38. God speaks to me through flowers. There are lots of examples of this - one is a special plant that usually puts out its first bloom on my birthday. I always feel like that's God's special message of love to me.
  39. I'm terrified of tornadoes.
  40. I used to collect stamps.
  41. I'm grateful God didn't let me marry any of the weird boys I dated.
  42. I hate carpet.
  43. My parents had decided on the name "David Alan" for me had I been a boy.
  44. Most of the time, I'd rather stay home.
  45. I found out recently that two Japanese junior high students to whom I taught English in the 90s became English teachers; They mentioned to my friends in Japan that I was an inspiration to them.
  46. I collect Kokeshi dolls.
  47. I didn't finish all my wedding gift thank you notes. A few are written and in the envelope, but not addressed.
  48. I am not good in a crisis.
  49. I wish we lived in a condo.
  50. When I was in junior high, I made a lot of cassette tapes of me singing with myself (all the parts in a hymn, for example) using two tape recorders.
  51. My sophomore year in high school, my friends and I sang a song on a local TV show called, "Danny's Day." We sang "Brand New Day" from The Wiz.
  52. The other time I was on TV was in 2001. I was on a QVC live remote at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.
  53. I was the teacher's aid to the band director in high school. They called me the "band-aid."
  54. I don't like anyone else looking in the bathroom mirror with me. I must do my beauty routine with the mirror all to myself.
  55. I used to spell my name "Angie." I changed the spelling in the 7th grade.
  56. My first kiss was in the 9th grade, on a jazz band trip. I was not in band - I did some vocals on several of their songs.
  57. I didn't take the Humanities CLEP test on High School Day at Oklahoma Christian because I didn't know what "humanities" meant.
  58. I love to play with Elijah. Our latest game involves my building a tower with soft blocks. He knocks them down and laughs his head off.
  59. My best friend in elementary school (in NSW, Australia) was Roslyn Cowl. We called her "Rozzie the Aussie." I've completely lost touch with her. She gave me a ceramic pencil sharpener (of a cat) that I somehow still have. It's sitting on a living room shelf.
  60. My best friends in Junior High were Donna Blackwell and Michelle Hunt. I can't find either one of them. They were my friends who sang with me on "Danny's Day."
  61. My best friend in High School was Wendy Griffin. No-one knows where she is.
  62. My best friend in college is still in my life, and still my best friend, Penny Stafford Eubank. I'm glad that relationship bucks the trend!
  63. The bicycle I rode when I was about 10 was stolen. A nice man at church bought me a new one.
  64. When I was in 6th grade, I was in an experimental, open classroom - a combined class of 5th and 6th graders.
  65. Most of the time I loved it, but sometimes I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing at any given time.
  66. I taught myself to play the guitar in the 2nd grade.
  67. I taught myself to play chords on the piano in the 7th grade. That's pretty much how I play now.
  68. The first song I played on the piano was "I'm Sorry" by John Denver.
  69. I borrowed my friend's (Jane Weldon's) car to secretly take the driver's test (parents out of town) when I was 17
  70. I failed the test.
  71. I got my driver's license when I was 18.
  72. For several years in the 90s, I was a registered Democrat.
  73. One of my favorite friends, Greg will be happy when he reads this.
  74. I'm nervous when I drive on highways.
  75. I avoid left turns on busy streets.
  76. I don't like to paint my toenails.
  77. In 1983, I first wore a different color bandana around my neck every day - to match my outfit. Around the same time, I wore big, chunky bangles - one that matched each outfit. Then, I got some twister beads and wore those every day, changing the beads to match my outfit. I really liked to match.
  78. I had a tan in 1988, 1995, and 1996.
  79. I was a size 8-10 for about 3 weeks in 1994.
  80. One of my nicknames in high school was "Angi-san." That was about 7 years before I lived in Japan.
  81. I hate to wear hose, but get really cold if I don't.
  82. I usually feel like I am just one "Get Organized" book away from getting my life together.
  83. I referred to myself as a "hopeless preppy" in a diary entry in high school.
  84. When everyone else was listening to Duran Duran and the Bangles, in the 80s I was listening to Ann Murray and Barbra Streisand.
  85. I was a country music fan from 1983 - 1984. I went to Alabama and Barbara Mandrell concerts.
  86. I like to be called "Angela."
  87. I work for a Boston publishing company, and office at home.
  88. I get a lot of "Wouldn't you like to work from home?" spam.
  89. Just after I wrote that, I received spam with the subject line: "I saw you at work today."
  90. The first time I ate a taco was when I was at Donna Blackwell's house when I was 13.
  91. I like doing laundry.
  92. I own a Game Boy Advance SP.
  93. I started flute lessons in the 7th grade. Then we moved to America and I didn't take them anymore. I wish I had stuck with it.
  94. I can play the recorder well. I was in a recorder choir in primary school.
  95. I know I have let myself go, but I'm too tired to do anything about it.
  96. I enjoyed (and remember) every minute of our wedding. It was a perfect day.
  97. When I was young, my bed was in a large hallway, between the living room and bathroom. I am not a light sleeper.
  98. I won a popularity contest once: I was voted "Duchess" at Burnt Cabin Camp in 1979. That year, Princess was Jennifer Grady; Prince was John Lindsay; and Duke was Darrell Davis. I later went to college with the whole court.
  99. I am allergic to cats. We have two.
  100. If there were a "purse of the month" club, I would join.
  101. I want to be a redhead again. However, I'm chicken that it will come out wrong.
  102. I wear wrist stabilizer braces on both arms to bed almost every night.
  103. It's been a lot easier to be nice to people since I received the last name, "Lovejoy." I don't want it to be ironic.


I love “100 things about…” lists!  Dan, you must finish yours!  And, by the way, if you think its grey, it really might be green.  (James and I have the same argument about the color of our house.  James is wrong).

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/18  at  10:17 AM

Dan and Angi,

I realize that I don’t know either of you very well.  In fact, Angi, I don’t know you at all.  However, I wanted you both to know that I read this blog all the time as I sit in my TINY apartment in Mito, Japan.  I also hear about you through Lj and Kari.  Also, I am slightly paranoid as I type this for fear that I am punctuating something incorrectly.  Anyway, after reading you lists I feel oddly closer to both of you.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/19  at  07:58 AM

Look at that I did make a typo!!!  I meant “as I read YOUR lists”.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/19  at  08:00 AM

Hey Dan and Angi,

I’m a bit sporadic about stopping by but I am so glad I happened by this entry.  What fun.  Dan were you stuck up in high school?  Angi, I totally understand the “I didn’t like you when I met you…” comment.  One of my closest friends in college told me that when she met me she thought I was the most “obnoxious” person she would ever meet.  I won her over.  :)  Anyway, thanks for the list.  I hope all is well with you two and Elijah.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/19  at  12:24 PM

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