Dan and Angi have something to say

Dan & Angi have something to say

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Angi says:

Angi Finally Has Something To Say (about Bubbles)

I haven’t posted in ages. In fact, this is my first time to publish on the new blog - or the same old blog in the new place. Whatever. I clearly don’t know how this stuff works. (Blowing into the microphone) Is this thing on?

Elijah is currently obsessed with bubbles. Like all the other babies, he was fascinated with them way before he ever toddled. However, now he can think of nothing else but BUBBLES when he sees that pink plastic bottle. I can hide them on the top of the armoire. Somehow when he peers up there (or perhaps is being carried) he spies a little bit of that pink plastic and he yells, “Bah-boo, bah-boo, bah-boo!” This will not stop until you give in.

His previous bubble activiity just included dancing and clapping among the bubbles that a parent would blow. Great fun for everyone. I would catch a bubble on the wand and let him pop it with his finger. We would giggle if the bubble landed on his hair.

Then for a while he just wanted to carry the bubble bottle around. We’d screw the lid on very very tightly and let him tote it wherever he wished.  He has several objects like this that have found a whole new purpose in Elijah’s life: a comb and a slipper that belonged to my Grandma (I don’t think he’s figured out that there are two of them. Rather handy when we can’t find one.) Other random objects Elijah likes to carry are: any brush he can lay his hands on (I am sometimes left to brush my hair with a headband. This has happened MORE THAN ONCE. This week.) and of course, the headband itself.

These days though, he is not content for the bubble lid to be on the bottle. He wants it off. He would be happy to swing around the bottle on his own, but I hold it tightly for him. He puts the wand in the bubble-soap. Sometimes he’ll then put the wand in his mouth, which of course is discouraged. He waves the wand around, soap dripping liberally on me and the dog and whatever else happens to be in its range. Very rarely he will try to blow a bubble with the sweetest little baby blowing you can imagine. He just blows a tiny little puff and doesn’t seem disappointed (or surprised) that no bubbles have appeared.

The problem is that he NEVER wants to stop with the bubbles. At some point it has to end. He hasn’t figured this out. So, the actiivity always ends with a Bubble Tantrum.

“Bah-boo! Bah-boo! Bah-boo!”

That’s it. Bubbles are banned from the Lovejoy household. Elijah can’t pace himself.

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