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COAS Updates
Oklahoma Christian University
Friday, September 13, 2013

The Oklahoma Christian Theater Departments Presents “NO EXIT”

“No Exit” is A play in One Act by Jean-Paul Sartre (Adapted from the French by Paul Bowles)

Performance dates/times:  Oct. 3, 4, 5 at 8:00 PM (3 performances total)
Location:  Judd Theatre
Director: Phil Reagan

The Story:  Two women and one man are locked up together in a room.  The windows are bricked up; there are no mirrors; the electric lights can never be turned off; and there is no exit. Are they in hell?  No one knows for sure, but it is clear that here the soul is shorn of secrecy, and even the blackest deeds are mercilessly exposed to the light of eternity. (Suitable for ages 16 and up)

“In Sartre’s view, the decisions we make in life are recorded and stored behind the closed doors of our social veneer.  Our character is comprised of myriad choices between good and evil made during our lifetime.  In the last analysis, who we are is the sum total of all of our actions, as determined by our own free will.” – The New York Times

Tickets go on sale September 23 (all tickets are general admission) and may be purchased at the following link:  www.oc.edu/NoExit

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